World Clock – Know the time around the globe

World Clock – Know the time around the globe

It’s always useful to have a world clock and especially one that looks as good as this one and with many customizable features.

When doing business around the world, you have many clients, customers, associates etc. that it’s a must to know their time zone at a glance.

<u>world clock</u> This clock has so many features and is available in a FREE version and for purchase.

The free version needs for you to obtain a 5 digit code from the internet on a daily basis.

Obtaining the code takes you through 3 web pages, then copy/paste the code and your good for the day. It’s relatively fast and simple.

The paid version removes this step and the clock is all yours.

MS-Windows 98, Me, NT(Service Pack 6a), 2000 (latest Service Pack), XP, Windows 2003 server, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows8.


View their website and download it HERE —>>>  Kybtec software – world clock




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