WordPress Spam Comments

WordPress Spam Comments

How do you stop receiving WordPress spam comments on your blog?

Well, if you’ve gotten a heavy hit of spam comment, your going to want to lock that up tight and probably right now.

WordPress Spam Comments

After sharing my posts on some new sites, I received a wave of comments that obviously you can tell are robotic spam comments.

Some  truly don’t pertain to your posted subject and some literally are worded that don’t make any sense at all.

Now as I mentioned above, the wave of spam comments hit in a constant flow for around 2 or 3 days.

If you moderate your comments, which is pretty standard for most, getting an overload of spam comments is going to put you to work so unnecessarily. 

If you have comment notifications sent to you in your email, you’ll be cleaning that up along with sorting out the actual comments in your blog.

Even though I am talking about WordPress Spam Comments, it will easily effect you on any platform you use, and you’ll want to put something into place that will put a stop to it, or at least diminish most of it.

Fortunately, for WordPress users a remedy is as easy as installing a plug-in.

Here’s the plug-in called SI Captcha Anti Spam and you can view and download it HERE.

It just adds a numbers sequence field to the comments section that computerized commenting robots won’t be able to decipher therefore eliminating mass waves of spam comments.

And if you didn’t know, computerized commenting robots main objective is for obtaining traffic from link-backs to their site.

Captcha and WordPress Spam Comments

I know adding another field for your readers to confirm their not a spammer seems like overkill, and you may not want to subject them to additional steps for leaving a simple comment.

There are many ways and variations to put a stop to spam comments, but this SI Captcha Anti Spam WordPress plug-in is simple, convenient and works.

I know I don’t mind filling out an extra field when I am leaving a comment, as I understand what it’s there for.



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