What your Internet Marketing business can do for you

In the Internet marketing industry, it is flooded with marketers.

Some succeed and some fail. If your in this industry and your a serious marketer, I don’t need to tell you the percentages.

You have already seen it and heard it. For some, they are just more focused than others.

Here’s an example:

Some Internet marketers throw their links anywhere and everywhere all over the Internet like a crap shoot.

Waiting for results like odds in the lottery.

I’ve seen it going on ten years ago when I started marketing and I still see it going on today.

Alright, I just picked this out of random and this is a marketers ad where there are hundreds of these for your prospect to be sifting through on the same page.

$39.95 turns into $26,365 monthly RESIDUAL Income with only a few people; plus HUGE bonuses “NO QUALIFICATIONS” 24/7 info xxx-xxx-xxxx www.xxxxx.com call Dr. xxxxx xxxxx, Sr. xxx-xxx-xxxx

All I can say is your going to have to do better than that!!

Well here’s what can happen if you get serious, and you will have to give up some things in order to get there.

Like not watching tv every chance you get, or doing all those fun things everyone else around you is doing.

Again if your serious about your business, and maybe just starting out, you already see everyone else living and having fun while your studying, learning and implementing and it’s up to you because you are your own boss.

You have to do this until you are comfortable with being where you want to be.

Now to compare the Internet marketing industry to professions like Doctors, lawyers and such. All the years, the money, effort and all that goes into getting from point A to point B, and there you have a professional JOB.

I personally know people in these professional jobs that are just scraping by.

These are Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Deputies, Engineers and such I’ve known from my employ at Superior Court and not one of them can make this kind of weekly or bi-weekly potential income that Internet marketing or network marketing can provide to anyone who can and will seriously commit to it.

Sure they make more than average hourly wages and of course expenses are more than average.

Now take this into consideration.

Where else can you find an industry where within a short amount of time, can be making $10,000,  $20,000,  $50,000,  $90,000 thousand dollars a month?

I can point you to an individual online, who is self-employed in Internet marketing who has a notarized affidavit on file with the State of California who’s income is over $80,000 a month.

This individual works hard at their business and they work it with honesty and integrity.

Some make much more than that. Some have made $40,000 in one night and some with their product launches, have made over 1 million USD in a week.

I heard one of the top earners in his company, Ray Higdon say this.

“Your time management and level of focus will determine how quickly or if you build a real team in network marketing”

So this is what your Internet marketing business can do for you.


image:  Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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