Screen Capture Software

Screen Capture Software

A helpful utility that has many uses is a good screen capture software program.

Most computers come with this utility and many don’t know this, where to find it in their computer, and what it is and how to use it.

These utilities allow the user to capture full views of the computers screen or select a portion drawn out by the preferred area and save them in many file formats.

Two choices of file formats I prefer are the PNG (portable network graphic) and the popular jpeg format.

The PNG format works great in photo editor programs and can be saved in jpeg format later, for final output in a variety of projects.

screen capture software Choices

There are several choices when selecting this screen capture utility and some you can purchase and others are free and downloadable.

Listed below are 2 of these programs I use, have more features available than others, and are free as opposed to purchasing these type of programs.

In conjunction with capture software, you can use photo editors to create custom graphics for personal and commercial projects.

One photo editor that’s simple and feature rich is an online photo editor called Pixlr, and you can read about it in my post here. It is also free to use.

Pay attention to copyright etiquette when capturing images for commercial purposes.

TWO Full Featured screen capture software Programs.

Check out the features on these 2 programs below.

screen capture software

—>>>  Ducklink software is Here


—>>>   Jing software is Here



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