Save typing keystrokes with Keyboard Express

Save typing keystrokes with Keyboard Express

Keyboard Express

 If you do any kind of repetitive computer work, here is a software program to automate those tasks with just a few keystrokes using the Keyboard Express software.

I’ve used this program for many years, and always have recommended it highly.


When I worked for San Francisco Superior Court, I introduced this product for eliminating repetitive computer entry.

Hundreds of computer terminals then used Keyboard Express on a daily basis.

What is very useful is that it records all your typing and keying movements.

1) Set it up to record all your live movements, then give that sequence a name.

2) Capable of step recording inside windows programs and fully editable.


Here is one example of how I used it to eliminate repetitive typing in a Court Case setting.

There were 50 new case filings to be filed by the Court.

Each case had over 30 long company name defendants that were all the same in every case.

Here is an example of one long defendant name (for example) San Francisco golden gate bridge highway and transportation district.

Now that’s pretty long, and there were 30 different long defendant names.

The defendants and attorney firm were the same in all 50 cases and only the plaintiff entry was different.

Here’s how it worked

I set the Keyboard Express program in record mode and typed the following.

Typed carefully all 30 defendants, and moved to the next screen and typed in the attorney firm.

Then proceeded to the Court Calendar screen to enter in all the Court hearing data followed by moving to the next screen and stopped the program from recording leaving the cursor at the exact position before keying in the plaintiff.

I was done recording all my movements and data, then gave the created macro a name like (alt+A)

This is what took place after the macro creation

By using the keys, alt and A, I was able to load:

All 30 defendants

The attorney firm name and address

The Court Calendar including the time, date, Court room number and codes

Then the cursor would stop at the field where the plaintiff needed to be entered manually.

I manually entered 1 plaintiff and that’s 1 case down.

The 2 keys alt and A were used to eliminate thousands of keystrokes.

1 case took 10 minutes to type in manually, where using the Keyboard Express macro program and 2 keys took about 40 seconds.

So let’s just estimate a little over 8 hours to enter all 50 cases of information as opposed to around 35 minutes.

How’s that for ergonomics and efficiency?

What could you use Keyboard Express for

I use this program in my home office computers in many ways and in daily work whenever something needs to be played out in a recorded macro.

You can even load it on a memory stick and take it with you.

The product page is below along with a link to a trial version.

There is also Macro Express which in addition records mouse movements.

After you get comfortable with the navigation and learning how to record or program your keystrokes, it can be a valuable software utility.

Ideal for companies with extensive data entry looking for productivity, efficiency and eliminate repetitive keystrokes.

 Keyboard Express product page


download the trial version here.


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