Residual Income VS Social Security

I know people are having financial difficulties right now and I believe residual income vs social security should be taught in schools, so to call it like it is we’ll say financial problems.

I’ll just voice some realities I see around me with no personal opinions on my part.

I know people with 3 jobs, and others with one 80 hour a week job making decent money and none of them have any time or money.

Others have all the time and no jobs. It’s happening all around the world.

How about the seniors that have their social security or small pension checks and can’t really make ends meet or do anything because of limited funds.

residual income vs social security

About the older lady on the street collecting bottles and cans with gratitude that she can even find them before someone else does.

The couple that argues about money and scrapes up enough to pay the interest on their loans at the pawn shop so they won’t loose their belongings.

Then there is the lady that lives in her little car in the parking lot of the Lucky’s store because of whatever reason.

I used to see her out my condo window in a nice neighborhood,  kind of dressed up going for a job interview until one day her car was towed away and I never saw her again.

A man I met in my daily endevors that has just a few teeth cause he lost his job a few years ago and doesn’t have any health coverage.

These people were children at one time with parents and life was not at all what it looks like today.

I’ve spoken to people that said this would never happen to me. There must be something wrong with them. They just didn’t do the right things and secure their future.

Well I do know all things can happen to anybody. Whether it be their fault or not their fault.

There are just to many variables for someone to make a judgement of another’s circumstance.

What would you do if you could make a difference?


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