Quick Start Challenge – QSC has ended

Quick Start Challenge – QSC has ended

Now that the 4 week Quick Start Challenge has ended, it’s still refreshing to see all the positive movements and activities of it’s participants in the fully functional…. after the fact Facebook support group.

QSCI’ve had a great experience being a part of it, and I’ve met a lot of interesting people who’s personal stories feel like short stories in a published book.

From all around the world with a common goal, I still continue to visit people’s blogs and see their progressions unfold.

I’ve gotten to see first hand how people take it into their own lives, the determination to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

The working world is changing and the 9 to 5 employee is not a prominent goal that it once was.

Go to school, get good grades, get a good job, retire… is not accepted anymore. That has been handed down from generation to generation.

The new generation will probably not even recognize a saying like that, just like a comparison of a record to an ipod.

With virtual jobs becoming the norm and self employment much sought after than years gone by, it’s obvious that the worlds workforce is moving in another direction.

To everyone in the QSC, I wish you all nothing but the best! … and a thumbs up 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Quick Start Challenge – QSC has ended

  1. Hi Steve, I agree it’s great the way the QSC Facebook group is still going strong and people have formed friendships and celebrate each others’ successes.
    The 9 to 5 working world our parents and grandparents grew up in is certainly not so relevant today. It’s not a given that if you do well in school/ university you can expect a lifelong career and a pension at the end of it. Many people these days move through changing jobs and careers on a regular basis. At one time this would have been thought of as irresponsible but now it is just a feature how more fluid and flexible life has become with the advances in technology. People no longer need to be tied to a particular location for work and many create their own jobs.
    Please drop by my blog anytime. To your success.

    1. Hi Alayna,
      Good point where you said about the working world…
      “At one time this would have been thought of as irresponsible.”
      As the more job hopping you did, the more irresponsible you would appear.
      It’s just not the case anymore, although some people still perceive it that way.
      As time goes on, the evolution of the job market evolves in many ways and directions, and as you said, many people create their own jobs!
      Thanks for your comment, and I’ll be seeing you. 🙂

  2. Hi Steve,

    Yes, the QSC has ended and so true that we met countless amazing people as a result.
    Its been a wonderful ride around the world and hopefully we’ll stay in touch with each other’s journeys going forward.

    Thank you for your friendship and support always,

    1. “A wonderful ride around the world” is well put Aneeta.
      Thanks for stopping by and see you soon. 🙂

  3. Time flies Steve, more than a month has passed. I am monitoring myself each day on my own progress. Need lots of discipline and determination and consistency huh 😀 Yes, the FB Support group is still active and supportive from various members. Hope the momentum grows. Wishing you all the best too Steve. Look forward to more good news from you 😀 To your Abundance!

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Yes, you said it best… “discipline, determination and consistency” and let me
      add “focus” 🙂 along with prioritization too.
      And if you can master the interruptions,
      that’s a major plus. 🙂

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