Products and Emails – Ethical or Unethical

 Products and Emails – Ethical or Unethical

I receive a lot of email in multiple email accounts for various reasons and purposes.

Looking some of them over, this is probably thoughts out loud, in the form of a blog post.

I see a lot of products from plug-ins to education materials, but when it seems like some kind of trick or secret or unethical marketing tactics, I view them for my own learning purposes which is what they want to accomplish and how they are going about accomplishing it.

Believe me, I don’t spend much time at all with these.

Truth or Deception

In today’s email the subject line read:

{New} Plugin Hijacks Google Rankings Automatically

I imagine the word (hijacks) appeals to some as I see a lot of marketers using this strategy to complete the transaction their looking for.

In addition to above, I’ll supply a few more subject lines:

From Admin:  IMPORTANT: your payment has been declined

From Support: Your account has been created

From Admin: You have received a $392.18 payment from admin

If you don’t know it already, these and some really outrageous subject lines are designed to get the recipient to open the email out of excitement or panic.

How about the products?

Even on the sales pages it wants to appeal to it’s readers with unknown loopholes, unrevealed secrets, stealing the competitions traffic, or in their words (Hack traffic from your competition.)

What are your viewpoints on this? I’m interested to know. Is there an advantage? Is it ethical or unethical?

Leave your comments below.


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