No Internet Connection? – No Business

No Internet Connection?

No Business…

internet connection

In the world of doing business online, it can go without saying that with no Internet connection there is no doing business.

Probably 99% of the time your connected and running smoothly, but until the downtime happens, it was just business as usual.

I’ve had Internet connect problems for the past week until today, and it brings back memories from a long time ago, that I have truly forgotten what it’s like, with the hassle and frustration of getting it all worked out again.

All the while anxiously wanting and needing to get back online to continue with your business so deadlines and other extreme functions of it won’t pile up and be left unattended for very long.

Thinking back years ago when downtime hit, I remember going to what was known then as Kinko’s/Fed Ex with my laptop to utilize their Internet connection.

About a week ago, I went to the same facility because I had to print out some insurance cards while I was away from computer access and on the road.

There you go.  At $.25 a minute using their PC and Internet service, it adds up to a monetary sum that feels like 1000% inflation.

Maybe convenience store prices, but I do remember when bringing my own laptop and using their Internet connection, it was a much more reasonable sum.

All in all, when your up and running with a smooth and solid Internet connection, it’s real easy to take it for granted.


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