Link Tracking as a Helpful Tool

Link tracking as a Helpful Tool

The question is why would Link tracking be helpful or of importance?

Even finding a Link tracking software can be a difficult task as you look into the available features and price differences as you start to implement tracking into your agenda.

Link tracking

The benefits of using this type of tool and information derived from it helps to greatly put into perspective of what is really going on with your links as opposed to just guessing.

This is a simple post to get you started in using this kind of tool, and although there are many available, pick and choose what works for you and in a price range your satisfied with after looking at available features, limitations, trial versions and so on.

To get the feel of working with this tool, let me refer you to one called Clickmeter.

You can try it free of charge and available upgrades do remove it’s limitations.

Limitations are constructed in the number of monthly tracked clicks and links that expire in about 60 days.

There’s also an additional 500 clicks when you refer someone up to 20,000 clicks a month.

Years ago I used a link tracking software called Adminder and on a pro level, this was truly amazing and the top of the line and is still available today.

Link Tracking is a Necessity

Serious marketing can cost serious dollars and I’m sure you don’t want to leave it to chance or a guessing game as to how your links are producing and performing.

Gain some experience tracking your links and search out what link tracking software will work best for your business.

Click here to use Clickmeter’s free version to get you started.





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