Leaders and Mentors In Network Marketing – What do you look for?

Leaders and Mentors in Network Marketing

 What do you look for?

When we talk about leaders and mentors in network marketing, there are so many factors to consider when looking for answers and someone you can model after with ethics and trust.

Assuming ethics and trust are in your DNA in the first place.

The reason I say the above statement is that I’ve seen many who follow leaders and mentors in network marketing that don’t operate with those qualities in the forefront.

Maybe it’s considered alright to spam your opportunity to the masses, or maybe not. How about resort to UN-ethical practices just to make the sale and move on to the next human target.

Maybe your taught to use whatever tactics necessary to make money from your target market. To forget about nurturing relationships and go sell, sell, sell.

Deception? Maybe to have it perceived as something it’s not.

Everyone, whatever your endeavor of interest is, usually finds a person or persons that inspire them to learn and grow from leading by example.

Whether it be golf, running track, cooking, music, aerospace, acting, news casting, humanitarianism, nursing, activism…and on, others that achieve plateaus inspire us in our field of interest.

We know it can be done as others before us have done it.

Then there are others who move forward to make their own path, even when opposition surrounds them and there has never been a path to follow.

Leaders and Mentors

There can even be times that your leader or mentor does something that does not agree with you in terms of what you see and feel about your own path.

A true disappointment for your journey on the road to where your going. I know, I’ve been disappointed many times over.

To make mistakes are one thing and it’s being human.

To go against the laws of the universe in ethical terms is another.

Competition can be fierce and is vastly just accepted as that. Some will say it’s a dog eat dog world and may the better man win.

Leaders and Mentors in a Network Marketing Business

 What do you look for?

Some live by “take the money and run”. It’s happened since man was on the planet, and will continue far into the future.

For those of you that live with integrity and ethics, remember there are people that have none.

Who and what do you want to be?

Who is your leader and mentor?


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