Is Facebook Killing Google

Is Facebook Killing Google?

I always look at the comparisons of these two on line giants and the question is, Is Facebook Killing Google?

Facebook now has 800 million global users. Half of those numbers log in and use their account to interact every day.

A rough quote says Facebook now accounts for a third of all pageviews in the U.S.

It has also been pointed out that Facebook consumes an incredible percentage of one’s time spent online.

In further pointing out, Facebook and Twitter are a major platform for which many people share content among each other online.

In relation to the question,  Is Facebook Killing Google, I’ll put out some numbers here I read from an article on this very subject.

  • Google 2011 revenue approximately $40 Billion
  • Facebook 2011 revenue is approximately $4 Billion

Google is still 10-times Facebook’s size and more revenue is generated by searching than social networking.

Facebook has it’s advertising and ads being viewed by people on their platform are mainly there to socialize.

When there is an interest in purchasing something, people go to Google to research and view the products they want to purchase. Not Facebook.

So revenue wise, search is a vastly better advertising product than social networking.


Is Facebook Killing Google

The portion quoted below I enjoyed when reading the article, and I bring it here for you to read.

When you search for a product, you are telling the world you are interested in that product. And there is no better and more efficient time for those who make and sell that product to try to get your attention than at the moment you announce that you are interested in it.

And what about social networking?

In contrast to search, social networking advertising is like hanging signs on the walls of a house during a party and sending sales reps to mingle with the crowd.

Is Facebook Killing Google

Is Facebook killing Google

Most think of Google when they want to find something and therefor use it to do a search and never to socialize.

Google’s revenue grew much faster than Facebook’s even with the Internet being of a smaller scale of users.

Google doesn’t make its money from content but from commerce and people don’t get most of their commerce content from Facebook and Twitter.

Since I use Google Plus, Let’s talk about that for a moment and I expect it to grow rapidly this next year of 2012.

A lot of Internet marketers are on Google Plus, but haven’t figured out what to do with it yet.

Many of the big names in the Internet marketing arena haven’t even opened an account.

Those that are there already, are asking questions and wanting to know more about the Google Plus platform and what it can do for their online business.

As you may know Google owns a lot of the sites that you already frequent such as when it aquired You Tube.

Then there is Gmail, Google Shopping, Blogger, Google maps, Picasa, Google Chrome web browser and more.

Is Facebook killing Google

Personally, I don’t think so as Google has a wrap on just about everything and has plans for 2012.

I had my Google Plus account for some time before getting into it and getting serious.

Read my other post about Google Plus is getting a buzz of conversation.

I’ve even set up 2 of my business pages there! Have you set yours up yet?


You can read more in depth on this subject at Business Insider HERE.


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5 thoughts on “Is Facebook Killing Google

  1. Hi Steve,
    Great article.
    I think Facebook is catching up, but Google have the monopoly.

    Each can be used in different ways, so it is a good idea to use both, especially when it comes to marketing.

    1. It should be interesting to see how Facebook progresses. Google is constantly progressing and is truly amazing when they bring out new products or services.

      Facebook is a platform all it’s own and is positively great for marketers too.

      Thanks for stopping by Michael, and for your comment!

  2. Hello Steve,

    Interesting post.
    I didn’t do my own research on the topic, but to me one thing is clear.
    Google is a search engine. The best engine there is.
    Facebook is a social site. Now, I have a ton of friends who are absolutely addicted to FB. They have to log in and check out what’s going on with everybody . Right now they rely on Facebook like their morning coffee. Take away the coffee and they would go nuts. That’s addiction.
    On the other hand what happens if you take away Google? Well….we go to Yahoo or Bing or somewhere else. (this is not from a marketer’s point of view)

    But there is no platform like FB, nothing comes close.

    Anyways that’s my take on it
    Thanks for the share


    1. Hi Akos, Facebook sure is one powerful platform, and yes I know many
      that are addicted like you say.

      I’ll be watching Google Plus closely to see if their perfomance matches up.

      Thanks for your comment!

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