How to make your screen font larger or smaller

How to make your screen font larger or smaller

I do a considerable amount of work on others computers and I’m always asked How to make your screen font larger or smaller.

There are a number of ways to do this and some are program specific, but this is just a short post to help you out in a simple fashion with making your font larger or smaller.

Small to Large Font

 For the PC just hold the control key and press the + or – key. The plus key (+) makes the font larger while the minus key (-) makes the font smaller.

You can tap those + or – keys a few times as it works like a zoom feature.

For the Mac just hold the command key and use the + or – in the same way as explained for the PC.

Some tablets and laptops use a feature where you would pinch together or pinch apart to do the same but not all will do this.

Laptops with this feature can do this on the touchpad while tablets are done on the screen.

Before ending this post I just want to mention a zooming program called Zoomit.

It’s a program from Microsoft and you can read more about it or download it from the Cnet site at the link below.

—- >>>   Zoomit from Microsoft Sysinternals


That’s it …. end of post…. hope it helps if you were searching for it online!


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