How to De-stress your Muscles in Everyday Living

 How to de-stress your Muscles 

in everyday living

electrode biofeedback system

At one point in my life I had to spend a few years in therapy for a repetitive stress injury I sustained file stamping legal documents working for Superior Court.

To get to the point, I don’t want to elaborate on all the details of the injury but I will say that manual file stamping of the documents will damage almost anybody.

Just to say 1 filing consisted of 150 manual repetitive stamps and it was a fast paced push all day long.

Now to get to the point of this post, I had been referred to a special kind of Doctor from my Great concerned attending Doctor, and I will be forever grateful to them as I never would have known about this method I’m about to share with you.

Here’s how De-stress your Muscles works

First let me briefly tell you that I was hooked up to sofisticated computer software with about 12 electrodes with a wireless interface.

This procedure is all about biofeedback technology.

de-stress your MusclesComputer software showed my attending Doctor the amount of stress and movement on the muscles that these electrodes were monitoring.

The wireless set-up was so that I could walk freely while the graphs on the computer screen measured the amounts of muscle usage with various movements on my part.

In my case it was mainly the damage in my wrists that were the affected areas of my concern and treatment.

The computer graphic measurements showed excessive usage on tasks as simple as writing with a pen on a tablet or typing on a keyboard.

De-stress your Muscles with your mind

What I mean by de-stress your muscles is basically how NOT to over use them unnecessarily.

Now it all has to do with being aware of your muscle usage while you go about your everyday living.

Let’s take the example of writing on the pad with the pen.

What the electrodes were showing on the computer screen when I was writing is that I had a very strong grip on the pen while writing.

Now the instructions from the Doctor in this case were to have me be aware of this and to ease off of the pen while writing and the measurements on the computer screen had diminished about 60%.

In this case just being aware of this had proven that I was unnecessarily using more muscle energy to write on the pad.

This method had gone on through the other 12 electrodes and the movements I were doing again showed tensed up muscles.

With just being aware mentally, then adjust that unnecessary usage physically, would again diminish the usage sometimes over 60%.

These were very sensitive electrodes that the computer software would capture, record and be visually available on a chart for review after the sessions were done.

Now the Doctor had said this to me, and it stuck and works in every day living.

People that go through this type of therapy, It stays with them for the rest of their life.

And it sure has for me, as I’m aware of it and use it anywhere on any task, everyday on any part of the body.

Here are some examples

      • When your concentrating on your work typing away at the keyboard, take note of your shoulders, are they tensed up?

Just lower the shoulders and you will feel it roll right off.

Be aware that one shoulder may be higher than the other while your staring at that computer screen.

Be aware and adjust this accordingly.

      • Maybe your walking with a heavy shoulder bag or purse

It had shown that walking with objects on your shoulder or a back pack even, made one subconsciously compensate for that weight being carried.

Again, be aware with your mind and adjust by lowering that muscle usage.

Pretty much like a clenched fist and then just release the muscle pressure.

electrode biofeedback Use this mental awareness technique and you will find it becomes second nature without having to think about it.

You will also catch yourself many times a day clenched up somewhere on your body and you’ll resort to Oh Yeah, relax that muscle.

No need to use them twice as hard as you need to.


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  1. Hello there Steve Marx I liked your informative blog post on How to De. Nice article. I love the work you put into your work.

    1. Thanks Wen,
      This particular post has helped me in a life long process.
      Hope it was helpful also.

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