Hard drive organization with Ridnacs

Hard drive organization with Ridnacs

We all know cleaning hard drives are a necessity and it’s one task that probably gets put off until later often.

Ridnacs makes it visually easier to see what’s taking up all that space and you can delete files right from the interface.

Ridnacs interfaceThis image was taken from the internet to give you an example.

In using it for myself, my MB (megabytes) are actually more in gigabytes than megabytes, as I have a lot of video clip files and they add up to large file sizes quickly.

I did read somewhere quite awhile ago though, that there are some equivalents of Ridnacs for a Mac, but Mac may have something of it’s own. (Mac owners will know)

The program is from 2010 and CNET Editors’ review statesRidNacs cleanly installs and uninstalls. We do not recommend this program.”

I don’t know why they state they don’t recommend it, but it works great and is what I need and use for my hard drive organization.


Check it out for yourself at the link below


 Operating systems: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7


Ridnacs at Cnet.com



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