Google Searches – Why use Quotation Marks

Google Searches – Why use Quotation Marks


When doing Google Searches…using quotation marks yield specific results.

What this means is simple, so read on and use this info to your advantage.

Here’s two search examples. Lets use the search term increase blog traffic.

In this example below, the term searched brought about 54,900,000 results.

Google Searches


In this example below, the search term using quotation marks resulted in a major decrease with 241,000 specific results for the term “increase blog traffic”.

Look at the difference. 54,900,000 or 241,000



Google Searches – Why use Quotation Marks

Here is the explanation of the differences between the two methods of search.

When you search without using the “quotation” marks, the results are given to you in any combination of the words.

Using the “quotation” marks when searching, the results will show only pages in exact match for your keyword phrase.

This info is very useful when wanting to reach the first page in search engines.

Using the Google adwords research tool is especially helpful in optimizing your articles or blog posts for maximum intent of them being viewed by your target audience.

When using the specific keywords you chose for your content, doing research of how those words perform maximizes the ability of your content showing up on the first search page.


In this example below using the Google keyword research tool,  it shows the competition, global and local monthly searches for that keyword string, 


 In this example below, it shows related keyword strings with global and local monthly searches for those keyword terms.



Google Searches and Keyword Reasearch

It’s an art and science well learned, and insight on how your posts and articles perform when others are conducting  Google Searches.

Good strategy for your content to be ready and available on page one.

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I want to thank Chris Farrell for pointing out the Google Searches quotation mark search function and in turn, I share it with you.

He’s a great guy and a wealth of information!


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