Google + is getting a buzz of conversation

Google + is getting a buzz of conversation

The conversation is coming up more often and it is about Facebook and google + or google Plus.

I read an article just yesterday that motivated me to go back and learn more about my google Plus account that I have had for quite some time.



I was just always using Facebook and was even reluctant to get on that platform.

I really didn’t want to get into Facebook and didn’t want to learn it either.

With the recent changes that the Facebook platform has been making, I’ve seen and heard many people fumble around and re-learn what they already thought they knew.

The conversations there were some like it and some don’t. Some like the old version and others don’t mind the new.

Well it just so happens that I read the article about google plus while in my google plus account.

The article was written by Greg Christopher on his blog and you can read it for yourself here.

He wrote about his personal experience in social media and what he thinks it says about how internet interaction is going to be based in the future.

Here’s a quote from his post.

I believe the Internet is going to be rewriting the most basic aspects of human organization over the next 25-50 years. The organization methods from before that time I will be referring to as the OLD SOCIETY and therefore the new modes of organization being the NEW SOCIETY.

I really enjoyed his post and it motivated me to take a little time and start to learn my way around in my account.

Another post which adds to more conversation was written by Amie Marse on the Business 2 Community blog.

Have you tried Google Plus?

A few of the points I liked were the privacy, simplicity, integration, and functionality.

I had learned more in around 30 minutes in google plus than my whole continued experience with Facebook.

I was most impressed how a lot of functions were integrated together and it was seeming like a smooth experience.

Now I’ll be going in there more often and see if I can make some creative headway on the platform with some creative new people and make some creative new friends.

You can find me over on Google Plus if you click  here so stop by and say hello!


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3 thoughts on “Google + is getting a buzz of conversation

  1. Steve,

    Like you, I have not been faithful to Google+.

    Maybe when I either create a few clones or a couple VA’s, I’ll have a bit more time to play over in that playground. For now, I added you to three of my circles. 😉


    1. Yes Angela,

      Although the clones or VA’s won’t ever be as good as the original, I’ll see you over on Google + and thanks for your comment and stopping by!

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