Gimp – A Photoshop Alternative

Gimp – A Photoshop Alternative

Gimp is a photo manipulation program that is a feature full program that you can do amazing things to photos, images, text, painting and beyond.

I’ve used it for many years and still find it fascinating from what I learn about it and a very useful tool. 

<u>gimp</u> photo manipulation software You will find that gimp is so feature rich that for some, it can be a steep learning curve, but with patience and the many video tutorials and forum, you’ll be on your way to adding a creative skill to your repertoire.

There are also many brushes and interface colors that can be added on after your installation.

Learn more about and download Gimp at the link below.

Gimp is a FREE alternative to Photoshop with a community of users.

Visit here to learn more and to get your software download





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2 thoughts on “Gimp – A Photoshop Alternative

    1. I couldn’t say better, but Gimp can do some amazing manipulations. It’s very versatile, free and has it’s own community and many available tutorials.

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