Get traffic to your website

Get traffic to your website

One of the most frequently asked questions is always how to get traffic to your website.

We all know that traffic is the number one issue that people pay and search for and most new marketers go through the same learning curve in obtaining traffic for their site.

get traffic to your website

I know this is an area people really struggle with and make mistakes with a majority of them being very costly.

If your spending money in an effort to generate traffic to your sites, another aspect you should have put in place are tracking stats so you know whats working and where your traffic is coming from so you can zero in and perfect the best methods that are working for you.

There are many methods of tracking and its another avenue to be learned and utilized.

How reliable is your information source to get traffic to your website?

Reliable trusted information can make all the difference of you spinning your wheels or re-inventing the wheel itself.

A lot of effective traffic methods have been invented by those who learned by trial and error and by tweaking and perfecting methods they have learned from their sources.

Some have learned how to cost effectively pay for traffic in areas such as solo ads and pay per click advertising.

Still others have utilized blogs like this one to generate free traffic way beyond what paid traffic has done for them, as in 1000 visitors a day, or 30,000 visitors a month to their blog.

If you have a large advertising budget, you have more freedom for experimenting with different avenues of traffic generation.

Some paid ventures turn out great and again some don’t resulting in the loss of your advertising budget.

Groups of individuals work on co-ops where a number of people work together and share the advertizing budget and the traffic generated.

That’s where url rotators come into play rotating different individual pages to evenly distribute traffic.

Traffic generation is a must and once you learn a method or five, that really work and are consistent, your good to go, but just remember to have something good to send that traffic to. 🙂


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    1. Here’s a particular quote I like….

      “Formal education will make you a living;
      self-education will make you a fortune.”

      ― Jim Rohn

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