Create a Blog and Writing Content

Create a Blog and Writing Content

Create a blog and writing content is not difficult at all, and probably the most difficult is making the decision to set-up and start.

There are many blog platform options from free to self hosted.

Free blog platforms are fine, but self hosted have many more advantages.

Create a Blog

Self hosted simply means you have a hosting provider that hosts your blog which is storing your blog and content as opposed to free platforms you have very little control over.

Some of the options include plug-in capabilities that allow many add-on functions that effect the look and feel, to optimizing page content and so much more.

I’ve used and looked at many blogging platforms over the years and my choice unquestionably is WordPress.

If you don’t know, is the free blogging platform and will be your self hosted piece of online real estate.

To Create a Blog and begin writing content may be an overwhelm for some, but truthfully, after you’ve made a decision to set-up and start, it does get easier as you learn the ropes and gain experience.

Create a Blog and Start Writing

That’s it! Choose your blogging platform of choice and start writing about anything you want.

There are millions of blog readers on millions of subjects. and you’ll find your audience and they will find you too!

Here’s a small list of plug-in options to give you a general idea of what they are capable of.

  • page optimization
  • statistical data
  • signature box
  • related post reference
  • sales and capture page creations
  • sharing icons for readers to share your content
  • comment security protocols

You get the idea, and the plug-in availability selection is so vast, as it is for what the plug-ins are capable of.

Create a Blog of your Own

As you acquire personal experience from blogging,  you’ll find yourself on a writing role you once thought was a difficult endeavor.


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