Charlie Page – A Man that’s Good to Know

Charlie Page – A Man that’s Good to Know

If your an online marketer, you probably know or heard of Charlie Page.

I’ll start off by saying I like Charlie, his knowledge and ethics, his honesty and his true helpful spirit in the online marketing arena.

Directory of Ezines

As you too may be on a lot of marketers lists, I always look forward to any email I receive from Charlie as I know I’ll be reading and learning something that will help me grow my business.

I also know that Charlie is opposed to hype that is way too common in the marketplace of online marketing.

If you’ve been marketing online even for a short while, you’ve seen and experienced the “HYPE” probably 90% in your endeavors.

Although hype sells, Charlie Page is fully on the other side of that spectrum and I have a great amount of respect for him.

He shares his knowledge and value freely and anyone that works online will find a vast amount of benefit from following Charlie and being on his email list.

Also if you didn’t know, he is the owner of the Directory of Ezines for over a decade and strives to give the marketplace a trusting avenue for their advertising needs.

In writing this post, it gives me a good feeling being able to bring Charlie Page to the attention of the online marketing world.

I don’t write or recommend people often but when you have a good feeling about someone, It’s very easy to share.

You can find Charlie Page over at charliepage.comCharlie Page





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