BloggerHigh SEO Plugin – Free Equivalent Of SEOPressor

The name is BloggerHigh SEO Plugin and it is being compared to the SEOPresser plugin that is available for purchase.

For the users of the WordPress blogging platform, there is a plugin available to help score a higher on page SEO or search engine optimization.

On page SEO can be performed in many variations but this post is an introduction to basically using a format outlined in the plugin to optimize the page content itself.

After installation of the plugin, there will be a box on the right of your post editor that I find convenient to assist you while your creating content to post.

This box is displayed in the images below and the plugin is a free WordPress plugin available for download and installation.

To install it, just download the plugin file to your computer and upload it in the add new plugin section of wordpress and activate it.

You will have to create a username and password account with BloggerHigh to access the download.

I find it a highly useful tool as it sets your content up for higher search engine rankings.

The keyword density feature looks at your keyword overuse or underuse.

I located a video below to give you a better understanding of the plugin itself and it’s functions.


Although you have to create an account with BloggerHigh to download this plugin, and in addition to other means of SEO you may already have in place, I’m sure you will find this of value.

This picture displays a post without being optimized by the BloggerHigh SEO Plugin

bloggerhigh wordpress plugin

This picture displays a post with high page optimization using the BloggerHigh SEO Plugin

bloggerhigh wordpress

You can find the BloggerHigh SEO Plugin along with others and some useful information HERE


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5 thoughts on “BloggerHigh SEO Plugin – Free Equivalent Of SEOPressor

    1. The plug-in works very well, and I haven’t had the issues you speak of. They are making an updated version available in about a month from the date of my reply here.

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