Blog Carnival Submitter Software – To Buy or not To Buy

Blog Carnival Submitter Software To Buy or not To Buy

Here’s my view and experience with Derek Pryde’s Blog Carnival Submitter software.

I most likely wouldn’t be writing this post if I plainly had a neutral experience with this software, but since it happened to be nothing but negative, here it is.

Firstly, I’ll say that this software is a mere $17.00 purchase and wouldn’t break anyone’s bank in a major way and surely not the seller Derek Pryde.

I used a software program like this years ago, it cost 3 times as much and was a true waste of time, effort and money.

So in thinking that time might have made a better improved product and on the recommendation of a trusted source, I purchased Blog Carnival Submitter with no reservations.

The purpose and function of Blog Carnival Submitter

To put it simply, this software is for the purpose of syndicating your blog posts to a mass amount of Carnival blogs by providing your post url’s and choosing the appropriate blogs you want to submit to by utilizing the posting software.

By doing so, the results would be to submit your articles or posts to a vast number of blogs in the “Carnival” blogs platform.

The results after purchase 

After purchase and installing the software, the error screens flowed in one after the other and in my opinion, it shouldn’t be up to the user/purchaser/customer to analyze and troubleshoot why the product does not work as led to believe.

Now as I said earlier in this post, I’ve used software like this before with dismal results, and below are the images from my attempt to use blog carnival submitter.

blog carnival submitter

blog carnival submitter

blog carnival submitter

Tech support and Derek Pryde

Since I was immediatly unable to use this software after installation, I contacted support and requested a refund for my purchase.

I did try to troubleshoot the cause of the error messages and the program being non-functional, but because I didn’t want to get into wasting my time and energy fixing or repairing this product like I’ve done many times before, I requested a refund.

Tech support was handled by Derek Pryde himself, and was not what I would call tech support at all.

Very short stout email communications on his part stating that it’s a problem on my part and will not give a refund.

I gave it a back and forth communication to resolve my purchase over a five day period to at least give him a chance to get it worked out with me.

I have the email communications dated and on record.

Blog Carnival Submitter – The end result

In closing out my experience with this situation as I was refused a refund, I stated to Derek Pryde, I would be writing this article.

So it’s up to you whether you want to Buy or not to Buy.


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