Another WordPress Spam Comments Remedy

Another WordPress Spam Comments Remedy


After utilizing many possible remedies for Spam Comments, another plug-in I settled for after extensive searching is called Bad Behavior.

I’ve tried many with adequate or acceptable results, but after installing Bad Behavior, I think I got the lid on it.

Spam Comments

This is a short post to bring the Bad Behavior plug-in to your attention if your getting full up of Spam Comments that have you sifting and sorting.

A previous post of mine focused on SI Captcha Anti Spam which does a pretty good job but not quite enough for me and you can read that post here.

It’s been a week now after installing this plug-in and from my observation it has been catching and filtering plenty of unwanted spam comments.

These unwanted comments are actually attempting to create back-links for themselves and the comments themselves have no relativity to the content of the post being commented on.

In my opinion, a pretty lame way of trying to get traffic to your site.

There really are so many positive ways of acquiring traffic and readers but back-link spam is here on the Internet to stay.

There are companies that promote back-link comments and automated robots can perform these functions and, these companies charge clients for this kind of service.

If your having this same problem with randomly unrelated comments, give this plug-in for WordPress a try and let me know how it works for you.

You can find the Bad Behavior plug-in for WordPress here.



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