About Steve

I have had many jobs and… started and ended many business’s. That’s one reason I like this quote from Thomas Edison.

“We now know a thousand ways not to build a light bulb”


How do you know if your marketing the right business?

In all the years of my Internet marketing endeavors, It’s just pure logic for everyone to learn how and why to do your  “Due Diligence”  for all your potential business ventures.

It takes a substantial amount of time, energy, resources and money to find a right business for each individual according to their standards and ethics especially if you want to feel good about your business and be proud of it.

You also have to know when it’s time to move on when it’s not working out. You don’t want to be there for a thousand years with nothing to show for it.

After many years, thousands of dollars and countless hours put into online ventures, here is where I started.

You see, my whole online career had started with those online surveys. I thought I was on easy street just doing some of those every week.

I knew I was going to replace my working income and couldn’t believe I had been working my tail off for Superior Court as a Deputy Court Clerk for all those years when I could just take surveys when I want and as many as I want.

With all that extra capital I would surely venture into other business’s.

Then realization set in…that wasn’t working out the way I planned. The compensation plan consisted of 99 percent prizes and the cash payout would come when you hit around $10.00, only you would never get to the $10.00 payday.

Then came more searching and program hopping, countless hours of research and pulling out the credit card and digging deeper into the hole of the Internet marketers debt.

Along with all that comes the advertising learning curves.

I’ve worked the traffic exchanges, and I mean almost a hundred or so. Blog and emailing software, safe-list advertising and even owned my own safe-lists membership sites in an effort to maximize results and to benefit my down-line.

I became obsessed with PPC, mastered it, even wrote a book on it as a guide for my team to be able to duplicate my results for our success.

This is just a very small fraction of my story and of course there’s more between every line.    Does any of this sound familiar?



Steve Marx