21) Inspiration-Motivation-Meditation


Mining the moment for something that feels good, something to appreciate, something to savor, something to take in, that’s what your moments are about. They’re not about justifying your existence. It’s justified. You exist. It’s not about proving your worthiness. It’s done. You’re worthy. It’s not about achieving success. You never get it done. It’s about “How much can this moment deliver to me?” And some of you like them fast, some of you like them slow. No one’s taking score. You get to choose. The only measurement is between my desire and my allowing. And your emotions tell you everything about that.




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2 thoughts on “21) Inspiration-Motivation-Meditation

    1. Thanks Alayna 🙂

      I really enjoy sharing these on my blog……
      They help me in many ways, and hope they help others in many ways. 🙂

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